Our Mission

To use our expertise, experience, technology, time and effort to do everything in our power to bring loved ones who are lost in our waterways home to their family,

To assist law enforcement agencies in the recovery and preservation of evidence.


Our Values

We are determined to help find missing people in the water and put this mission above our personal commitments, comfort, or other considerations.

We use the utmost discretion, sensitivity, and confidentiality when working with law enforcement and families.

We never charge a family or law enforcement for our time, equipment, or expenses.  We do accept donations for travel expenses when we are not able to fund them from our general donations or if they are offered.

We are committed to being good stewards of the funds entrusted to us by our donors.  With the exception of the necessary accounting and legal fees all of the funds donated are used to directly benefit our mission.

We rapidly respond to a request to help find a person in the water.  We are ready to roll on short notice and offer our services to law enforcement as soon as we are aware that someone is missing in the water.

A case where a search has not resulted in finding the victim is never closed just suspended.  We will return to look for someone whenever asked by law enforcement.  This happens when they get new clues about a person’s possible location.

We always work at the direction of law enforcement.  This assures that evidence is preserved and a strong working relationship with law enforcement improves the odds that a search will be successful in finding the victim.

Awards & Recognition

  • 2017 Certificate of Appreciation from Kansas City, MO Police Department 
  • 2015 Ohio’s Finest Civilian Award from Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio
  • 2015 Civilian Citation from The Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association
  • 2007  Certificate of Appreciation from Illinois Department of Natural Resources
  • 2005 Outstanding Citizens Award from Southwestern IL Law Enforcement Commission & Southern IL Police Chief’s Association

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